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Dyson College of Arts and Sciences - Year in Review 2011-2012

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Master of Arts in Media and Communication Arts (36 credits total) The program can be completed within two years. Students complete 20 credit hours of required core courses and 16 credit hours of chosen electives. Prerequisites Bachelor's degree; strong writing, verbal, and interpersonal skills; articulation of reasons supporting the decision to attend a graduate media communication arts program; academic/professional references; and knowledge of basic computer skills. Required Core Courses (20 credits) MCA 601  ndustry Communication Theory I and Practice 4 MCA 602  Writing for Organizations 4 MCA 603  ffective Speaking for Industry E Professionals 4 MCA 610  Communications Research 4 MCA 693  Internship/Thesis 4 Elective Courses (16 credits)* MCA 620Media Relations 4                                                                      MCA 625 orporate Communications and C Reputation 4                             MCA 635 rganizational Communications and O Social Responsibility 4   MCA 639Creative Writing for Media Professionals 4                               MCA 640International Communications 4                                                  MCA 652Digital Video Field Production 4                                                 MCA 654Industrial Media Production 4                                                     MCA 655 Producing the Documentary 4                                                     MCA 670 esigning and Evaluating Effective D Communications for the Web 4         MCA 680 aw and Ethics in Professional L Communication 4                      MCA 695Independent Study in Communications 4                                    MCA 696 ssues/Topics in Professional I Communication Total Credits: * ther Media and Communication Arts courses as O approved by the program director. 2-4  36

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